How to speed up your laptop

Is your laptop’s speed diminishing? Is your laptop slow at start up? This is the article that definitely help you to speed up your laptop. Read this article and find a way to fix the issue.

Upgrade RAM

First check the hardware configuration of your laptop by clicking on computer icon. One window is appeared at the right side and go to properties which is at the bottom of the window. Click on property and check the configuration of your laptop. If the RAM of your laptop is 2 GB or less than 2 GB then you can upgrade RAM to get more performance for multitasking.

Switch on to SSD

One of the best ways to rejuvenate your laptop is to switch on SSD from HDD. To get peak performance after installing SSD, AHCI mode in BIOS/EFI must be engaged and correct AHCI drivers must be installed. In addition, you have to upgrade the SSD’s firmware to the latest version and verifying that you have the correct driver installed.


Close system Tray

If your laptop is in slow start then it could be too many programs starting up simultaneously as windows itself. Click the upward arrow at the right side of the taskbar and right click on the program and close.

Stop programs running on startup

Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. Go to the startup tab and you’ll be able to view the lists that runs on startup, along with its impact. Thoroughly check the list and disable some of the high impact ones. Remember that you are not disabling the program, just stop it from startup. Also find the program that eat up processes. Right click on the program and disable it.  

Delete unwanted software’s

Go to Control Panel and find Programs and features. Click on it and follow the list of installed software’s. Sometime few software’s are installed unknowingly with OS and other software’s. Remove unwanted software just right click on the software and select remove.

Delete unnecessary files

Sometimes laptop get cluttered due to unnecessary temp files. Free up space by making a habit of deleting unnecessary files and folders every week and emptying the recycle bin afterwards. You can install free software like CCleaner that delete unnecessary temp files by few easy steps.

Defragment your HDD

Go to My Computer and right click on the C: drive. Then go to Properties>Tools and under Optimize and defragment drive, click Optimize. Note that if you install SSD then no need to defragment an SSD.

Disable graphics and animations

To do it, go to Control Panel>System & Security>System>Advanced System Settings. Therefore, in the performance section, hit settings and select “Adjust for Best Performance”.

Check Malware

Malware is a broader term; but some types of malware can cause your laptop to run slow. So, it is recommended to install an antivirus software to your laptop and regularly update its definition files.

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